BW Fashion Show
celebrating another season of john elliott with a live boiler room runway set


Creative Direction

Experience Design

Stage Design

The Client

For John Elliott’s SS17 show “Watching Water”, the creative inspiration was rooted in the interactivity between light, water, and reflection.

The Process

In a nod to John’s consistent use of clean, simple materials, the set visualized an ongoing conversation between his designs and the natural elements. Instead of a traditional runway, models marched alongside a custom made reflection pool with curated, thunderous music playing overhead. Meanwhile, mirrors bounced light across the room and created a shadow-play backdrop along the walls. Producer Lee Bannon was brought on to compose an original mix from behind the runway, while Boiler Room live streamed the event to millions of subscribers worldwide - marking the inaugural Boiler Room Fashion Show. The show was ranked as one of the Top-10 shows of the season, globally.

BW Fashion Show